Measuring the impact of sustainable lighting
Oct 1, 2017
As part of our commitment to achieving a 20 per cent reduction in our energy, water and waste consumption by 2020, we have a range of projects underway, including a program to monitor and measure the savings attained through installation of LED lighting.

In a recently completed pilot program at Westpoint Shopping Centre in Sydney, an area of car park encompassing 67 fluorescent lights has its lighting replaced with LED equivalents. Two-thirds of these LED lights were installed with integral movement sensors which allowed for dimming to 25% brightness when not required.

After a three-month period of monitoring, the energy usage was measured and compared to a similar area of car park that had continued use of fluorescent lighting. This comparison showed energy savings of 64% from reduced consumption in LED-lit areas.

This data has been integral in planning for further LED installation across the portfolio.

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