Oct 1, 2017

The Property Male Champions of Change (PMCC) project continues to drive progress towards its goal of tackling the unacceptably low levels of women in leadership positions across the property industry and the inadequate pace of change.

Managing Director, Global Real Estate at QIC, Steven Leigh continues to work with 20 other senior executives from organisations around Australia in a project initially established in 2015 by the Property Council of Australia.


Within QIC, we already have made significant strides on our own initiatives and goals, guided by the recommendations generated thus far by the PMCC’s action groups toward providing a supported, engaged and diverse workforce.

In the past year, QIC’s gender diversity progress report indicates we have achieved improved gender equality balance across all levels of the organisation. This is reflected clearly within QICGRE, with improvements seen across all key areas of the division, including a 72% increase in key female management personnel and a 30% increase in senior managers when compared to last year.

  2016 2017 Change
Key Management Personnel 22% 38% +72%
Other Execs/GMs 30% 33% +10%
Senior Managers 27% 35% +30%
Other Managers 51% 54% +6%
Non-Managers 85% 73% -14%
All Workforce 39% 44% +13%
Board 25% 33% +32%

Other important changes underway within QIC include:

  • Enhancements to QIC’s Leave Policy for primary and non-primary carer’s parental leave and personal (carer’s) leave.
  • Trial of a ‘parents space’.
  • Child care and aged care referral services.
  • Support of seven senior female leaders and emerging leaders through PCA initiatives and programs, such as ‘Women Leaders in Property’ and ‘100 Women in Property’.
  • A strong investment in leadership development aimed at increasing leadership capability to create an inclusive and high performing team environment.
  • Implementation of continued superannuation coverage for employees on parental leave for up to 52 weeks, augmented by an online parental support toolkit.
  • An ongoing significant focus on pay equity, including prioritisation through the year-end remuneration review process.
  • Continuing gender reporting to align with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency reporting standard.
  • Strong ongoing support for workplace flexibility for the benefit of both females and males.
  • Support for another cohort of employees undertaking the ‘My Mentor’ development program, QIC’s globally researched educational program targeting career development for women.

A key focus for the coming year will be the launch of a pilot program called ‘Inclusive Leadership’. Involving male and female leaders from across the business, this program aims to support and better enable our managers to build their skills in creating and managing flexible, diverse and inclusive teams.

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