GRI G4 criteria
Sep 28, 2017
Organisational profile
Strategy and analysis
G4-1 CEO Letter Introduction
Organisational profile
G4-3 Organisation name Who we are?
G4-4 Primary brands, products and services Who we are?
G4-5 Headquarter's location Who we are?
G4-6 Where the organisation operates Who we are?
G4-7 Nature of ownership and legal form Who we are?
G4-8 Markets served Who we are?
G4-9 Scale of the organisation Our People
G4-10 Total number of employees by type Our People
G4-12 Supply chain description Who we are?
G4-13 Organisational changes during the reporting period Who we are?
G4-14 Precautionary principle Our Approach to ESG
G4-15 External charters, principles, or other initiatives Our Approach to ESG
G4-16 Membership associations Our Approach to ESG
Identified material aspects and boundaries
G4-17 Entities included in financial statements Who we are?
G4-18 Process for defining report boundaries and content Our Approach to ESG
G4-19 Material aspects included in the report Our Approach to ESG
G4-20 Descriptions of material aspect boundaries within the organisation Our Approach to ESG
G4-23 Changes from previous reports in terms of scope and/or boundaries Our Approach to ESG
Stakeholder engagement
G4-24 Stakeholder groups Our Community
G4-25 How stakeholders were identified Our Community
G4-26 Approach to stakeholder engagement Our Community
G4-27 Topics raised during stakeholder engagements Our Community
Report profile
G4-28 Reporting period Our Approach to ESG
G4-29 Date of most recent report Our Approach to ESG
G4-30 Reporting cycle Our Approach to ESG
G4-31 Report contact Our Approach to ESG
G4-32 "In accordance" option, GRI Index and report assurance Our Approach to ESG
G4-33 Policy regarding report assurance Our Approach to ESG
G4-34 Governance structure of the organisation Our Governance
Ethics and integrity
G4-56 Code of conduct Our Governance
Specific standard disclosures
G4-EC1 Economic value Who we are?
G4-EN3 Energy consumption (Scope 1 + 2) Our Environment
G4-EN5 Energy intensity Our Environment
G4-EN7 Energy reductions in products and services Our Environment
G4-EN8 Water withdrawals by source Our Environment
G4-EN15 GHG emissions
(Scope 1)
Our Environment
G4-EN16 GHG emissions
(Scope 2)
Our Environment
G4-EN18 GHG emissions intensity Our Environment
Social: Labour practices and decent work
G4-LA2 Benefits provided to full-time employees Our People
G4-LA5 Workforce represented in health and safety committees Our People
G4-LA13 Ratio of basic salary and remuneration of women to men Our People
Social: Human rights
G4-HR1 Investment agreements and contracts that include human rights clauses or underwent screening Our Community
G4-HR5 Risk of child labour in operations and suppliers Our Community
G4-HR6 Risk of forced or compulsory labour in operations and suppliers Our Community
G4-HR9 Operations that have been subject to human rights assessments Our Community
G4-HR11 Human rights impacts in the supply chain Our Community
Social: Society
G4-SO3 Risks related to corruption Our Governance
G4-SO4 Communications and training on anti-corruption Our Governance
G4-SO7 Anti-competitive behaviour Our Governance
G4-SO8 Fines for non-compliance with laws Our Governance