Our people
Sep 28, 2017

Our policies and programs reflect QICGRE’s commitments to fundamental rights at work including diversity and equal opportunity, remuneration, retaining talent and workplace health and safety. QIC measures the health of our culture twice a year through the QIC ‘Pulse’. Our results are very positive but we have a relentless focus on providing an inclusive and high performing culture for our people.

Organisational Profile

In addition, we have a highly successful and constructive relationship with Savills.  Savills provides the majority of employees who work in our shopping centres.  

1 Total QIC employees excluding external consultants
2 Maximum term employees on time-bound contracts
3 Project Workforce employees contracted to deliver a specific contract

Diversity and Equal Opportunity
  • QIC has taken a determined and sustained approach to building a culture that embraces diversity in all of its forms.  It is an organisational priority and significant time and investment is made to continuing to shape a very ‘modern’ and inclusive workplace.
  • QIC aligns with the recommendations relating to gender diversity policy and measurable objectives as stated in the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations with 2010 Amendments (Second Edition).
  • As an Equal Employment Opportunity business, our recruitment and selection practices ensure individuals are selected, promoted and treated equitably on the basis of talent and capabilities.
  • We continue to develop activities to support our next generation of female leaders, including the delivery of a development program dedicated to the career and personal advancement of women.
  • We are piloting a new leadership program to develop our people as inclusive leaders to ensure they are truly inclusive and embrace all forms of diversity in the workplace.
  • QIC has increased the gender balance in senior roles as a corporate KPI.
  • QIC has completed a gender pay equity analysis and is committed to ensuring there is no gender bias in remuneration.
Remuneration Policies and Practices
Managing policies and practices

QIC’s HR & Remuneration Committee considers matters relating to human resource management policies and practices, including staff remuneration, diversity and inclusion, performance management, workplace health and safety, organisational structure and design and succession planning at the senior executive level and for other business-critical roles.

Performance and reward

A performance-based reward framework links performance payments to both investment outcomes and individual contribution to defined key performance indicators, measured through a formal annual performance management program (PMP).

Ongoing assessment and approval of remuneration

The HR & Remuneration Committee conducts an annual review of corporate and individual performance and taking into account industry comparisons and independent advice, which is provided to the Board and advises the shareholding Ministers. An Employment and Industrial Relations Plan is also approved annually by our shareholding Ministers as part of the Statement of Corporate Intent development process.

Retaining talent

Professional development

QIC supports ongoing professional development for all staff, as part of their PMP and career development plans. As part of this commitment, the QIC Leadership Excellence Program continues to be the flagship leadership development program to sustain and develop the leadership abilities of staff at QIC.  QIC has seen a very positive shift in leadership performance as a direct result of this investment.

QIC launched the Emerging Leaders Program to offer personal and professional development to its emerging talent. QIC also offers professional development programs in the areas of presentation and communication skills, negotiation skills and service excellence.


QIC continues to build a culture that is oriented on trust and delivery of outcomes, and encourages all employees to determine the flexibility requirements that are unique to them.  QIC offers formalised access to flexible working arrangements for all staff to support them in balancing their work and home lives, with options including working from home, paid parental leave, part-time arrangements and salary sacrificing for extra annual leave.

Health and wellbeing

QIC aims to provide a safe and healthy work environment and helps individuals manage their own health and reduce risks, through initiatives including healthy heart checks, ergonomic assessments, flu vaccinations, skin checks and weekly fruit baskets plus access to discounted health care and an annual allowance to contribute towards healthy living expenses.

Outplacement support

QIC employs an outplacement services provider to help facilitate career transitioning and employability following instances of contract termination or redundancies.

Supporting emerging talent

In 2017, QICGRE has provided three staff members with the opportunity to step up and advance their careers after a rigorous recruitment process identified stand out talent within the internal team.

As part of an assessment and restructure of QICGRE’s lease administration team, a recruitment process was commenced to fill three Lease Administration Team Lead positions, seeking the key capabilities of lease administration experience, people management skills and an ability to manage workflow and improve efficiencies.

In the context of strong competition, three internal female candidates were identified as ideal for the opportunities and as a result were provided the means to formalise their positions while growing their experience in a new role with higher expectations.

As part of the implementation of these roles, all three staff have been provided with additional support, including leadership training, as well as instruction and assistance from Human Resources and senior managers for KPI setting for their new teams.

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