A message from the managing director
Sep 28, 2017

Steven Leigh, Managing Director, QIC Global Real Estate:

While there is much media commentary espousing the impact digital disruption will have on the retail sector, there is comparatively little attention paid to the transformative influence the escalation of ESG-related priorities continues to have within our industry.

We view issues like energy security, climate change and social cohesion with the same degree of precedence many of those outside our industry place on digital disruption, which has long been entrenched in the way we approach managing our business. After all, ‘disruption’ is really just a natural element of evolution that presents an opportunity for change.

The continued transformation within QICGRE, produced by a firm commitment to driving improvements in ESG-related initiatives, is a powerful force for good – delivering operational efficiencies and creating positive social and environmental outcomes alongside competitive financial returns.

We create true and enduring value for our investors, communities, business partners and all our stakeholders by weaving ESG considerations into the core of our decision-making.

ESG 2017