Addressing Modern Slavery
Dec 4, 2019

In the retail sector, the cleaning industry is considered one of the highest risk areas for Modern Slavery, and has been a key area of focus for QIC GRE.


QIC GRE has been an active participant with the Cleaning Accountability Framework (CAF) since its inception in 2014, well-prior to the recent introduction of the Modern Slavery Act 2018.

QIC GRE has representation on both the CAF Steering Committee and the CAF Standards Sub-Committee, and Castle Towers Shopping Centre in Sydney was one of the first retail assets to complete and be certified by the CAF Pilot program.

“As active members of the Cleaning Accountability Framework committees, we have been able to better understand the complexity of modern slavery and labour rights issues and contribute to building the framework that is in place today,” said Deb Palmer, Risk and Compliance Manager, Global Real Estate

Working with CAF, the collective aim is to standardise practices and uphold labour rights within the cleaning industry.

CAF’s work extends to a range of activities including supplying tools for tendering for business, face-to-face meetings undertaken by independent CAF representatives with all cleaning staff, and coordinating third-party audits of assets as well as cleaning companies including requesting full pay slips, ensuring maximum transparency.

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