Collaboration Drives Sustainability Outcomes
Dec 4, 2019

Following Clean Energy Finance Corporation’s (CEFC) investment of $200 million – the first of its kind in the retail real estate sector – into QIC’s flagship Australian Shopping Centre Fund (QSCF) to undertake improvements in energy performance across the QSCF portfolio, QIC GRE and CEFC have co-authored a QIC Red Paper on QIC GRE’s sustainability approach for its shopping centre assets.


Featuring insights from QIC GRE’s QSCF Fund Manager, Michael Fattouh, and National Sustainability Manager, Michael Maranta, CEFC’s Chris Wade and CEO of CIM, David Walsh, the paper showcases the power of a combined focus on driving improved energy efficiency and sustainability across the QSCF portfolio.

The paper, the first in a series of papers, illustrates the tangible examples of the way this collaboration aligns with QIC GRE’s investment strategies, enhances its sustainability performance, reduces its greenhouse gas emissions, and, importantly, drives genuine improvements to its bottom line.

In particular, this paper examines one significant initiative delivered as a result of the collaboration – the ACE Platform by one of QIC GRE’s key sustainability partners, CIM, who provide the advanced building management analytics platform which has been rolled out across the QIC GRE shopping centre portfolio.

“Successfully implementing these initiatives contributes to achieving our triple bottom line objectives delivering improved economic, environmental and social outcomes,” said Michael Fattouh, Fund Manager, QIC Shopping Centre Fund.

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