T3 Lighting
Dec 4, 2019

T3 LED lighting upgrades implemented at 111 George Street and 33 Charlotte Street have achieved an 18% reduction in electricity consumption for the assets.


The T3 lighting upgrade was completed in September 2018, and involved the installation of LED and sensor-controlled lights in the tenancy areas at 111 George Street and 33 Charlotte Street.

This project is one of a range of sustainability initiatives underway to assist with meeting the 20% electricity reduction target by 30 June 2020.

The LED lighting upgrades have demonstrated a positive impact on the tenant usage electricity consumption, demonstrating a combined year-on-year reduction across both assets of 1,700 gigajoules of electricty. This reduction represents the equivalent of powering approximately 69 residential houses for a year.

The T3 initiative, an industry-led sustainability program developed by Incorp Property Solutions and Brisbane City Council's sustainability agency CitySmart, has provided a vehicle for QIC GRE to optimise two of its Brisbane office buildings for productivity and environmental performance.

The project involved the upgrade of all existing base building lighting to LED fittings with local motion control and daylight harvesting sensors to adjust lighting requirements based on internal conditions.

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