Partnering for a Successful Diversion
Dec 4, 2019

As part of our commitment to reducing electricity, water and waste consumption by 20% by 2020, a range of projects are underway, including the ongoing implementation of a robust waste management system at Hyperdome in Logan, QLD.


From November 2017, Hyperdome has been progressively implementing a variety of distinct recycling streams to increase the diversion percentage of the Centre's waste from landfill.

Since the introduction of the new streams, including the recent introduction of organic recycling, Hyperdome has seen a dramatic increase in the percentage of waste diverted from landfill to recycling, and is now achieving an average monthly diversion rate of more than 40%, including an impressive 48.24% diversion in March 2019.

This achievement has included recycling of:

  • 115 tonnes of Food Waste, to be turned into compost at a local facility in Ipswich, QLD
  • 55.46 tonnes of Mixed/Comingled (including glass)
  • 5.05 tonnes of Soft Plastic
  • 1.31 tonnes of Polystyrene
  • 2.55 tonnes of E-Waste

Nicole Wellburn, Operations Administrator and Hyperdome’s ‘Waste Champion’, said that the results have been achieved through developing strong partnerships with the Centre’s retailers.

“Our Centre Management team have been working closely with our retailers for the past two years, and by engaging with them regularly to provide information and answer any questions they may have, we’ve been able to achieve a significant uplift in the amount of recycling at the Centre," Ms Wellburn said.

“It’s really been a partnership, and it’s so great to see our Hyperdome retailers getting on board and taking recycling as seriously as we do."

In addition, the Centre has rolled out a range of supporting initiatives targeting education on the recycling program for the Hyperdome community, including integration of an ESG message within Hyperdome’s monthly digital content strategy, which is delivered to an extensive community mailing list. Topics for this monthly communication have included:

  • promoting use of reusable coffee cups when purchasing a coffee
  • support for local charity ‘Lighthouse Care’ through the Centre’s Community Pantry, which encourages donations of non-perishable food items which then go directly to local families in need
  • featuring a selected retailer through an ESG campaign “Champions of Change” where we will communicate the store’s waste diversion rate (recycling, organics, general waste etc.).
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