Toowoomba Regional Community Fund
The Toowoomba Regional Community Fund
Dec 10, 2020

The Toowoomba Regional Community Fund, established with a donation of $50,000 from Grand Central as seed funding, continues to provide essential support to charities and community groups in the Toowoomba region.


As part of its aim to ‘give where you live’, the Toowoomba Regional Community Fund aims to give back to the local community in which it operates. A sub-fund of the Queensland Community Foundation, since its inception in 2015, the fund has distributed over $236,000 to 35 local charities and community groups.

A total of 13 grants were announced this year, totalling $37,144. The grants will allow local charities and not-for-profits to continue to provide critical support for vulnerable members within the community.

Zephyr Education Inc. provides essential school supplies to children affected by domestic violence who are living in shelters in the Darling Downs region, or whose accommodation has been arranged by a family support organisation. Zephyr currently assists three shelters and one family support agency in the local area. Zephyr received a $5,000 grant to directly help at least 70 children at three shelters in the Darling Downs region, many of whom are primary school aged.

PEACEful Humans Inc. support refugee and migrant families who are suffering from trauma through free language classes, helping participants to overcome isolation and fear and enabling them to become more integrated within the community. PEACE helps many migrant and refugee women who are so traumatised they cannot speak when they first arrive in Toowoomba. PEACE received a $3,000 grant to establish a trauma informed sand tray and symbol work therapy section. This form of therapy will allow these women to process their trauma using symbols, without using language, speech, eye contact or any other form of emotional or physical vulnerability.

Other recipients of the Toowoomba Regional Community Fund’s 2020 grants include:

  • Cancer Patients Foundation
  • Carbal Medical Services
  • Cystic Fibrosis Queensland Limited
  • Eczema Support Australia Ltd
  • Emerge Toowoomba Inc
  • Kiyua Performing Arts Inc.
  • Eva’s Place Pregnancy & Early Planning Support Inc.
  • Safer Toowoomba Regional Partnerships Inc.
  • Lifeline Darling Downs
  • Sunrise Way Rehabilitation Ltd
  • Toowoomba Women’s Collective Inc.
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