Watergardens partners with the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation
Dec 10, 2020

Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, Watergardens’ partnership with the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation (WBCF) continues to grow, with the Centre’s support of the delivery of the Sons of the West and Watergardens Walkers programs continuing throughout 2020.


Sons of the West (SOTW)

Watergardens is proud to continue its support of the delivery of the WBCF’s successful SOTW men’s health program. SOTW aims to provide physical and mental health education alongside fun and inclusive physical activity that caters to all abilities. Importantly, SOTW provides a forum for men to make new social connections and, in some cases, friends for life.

Throughout the COVID-19 period, the WBCF pivoted to offer a modified online version of SOTW, ensuring they could continue to promote health and wellbeing to the community during an unprecedented time. This included:

  • Providing vital health information to a notoriously hard to reach audience
  • Creating social connection opportunities through periods of isolation
  • Providing tailored on-line exercise workouts to create physical activity opportunities for participants.

To broaden the reach of the WBCF’s online offering, a range of digital assets were created to increase engagement and awareness of the WBCF and its partners, including Watergardens. The leader of the Watergardens Walkers, Terry, was featured in the “Humans of the West” weekly profile initiative, and a number of social advertisements featured Watergardens’ sponsorship of the program.

To support the promotion of the online program, Watergardens donated 50 double coffee vouchers to the WBCG for them to give away as part of an online competition.

The online version of the SOTW program was a success in the community, with 1,061 registrants and 712 attendees.

Watergardens Walkers

Although COVID-19 kept Watergardens’ Walkers at home for an extended period this year, the program continues to go from strength to strength, with members remaining active and in contact digitally throughout the lockdown period.

Outside of the lockdown period, the Watergardens Walkers welcomes everyone in the community to participate in a 30-minute in-Centre walk each Thursday night, providing members the opportunity to make new friends and fulfill their health and fitness goals.

The Watergardens Walkers were recently confirmed as the largest walking group in Victoria, with over 130 registered members with the National Heart Foundation.

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