Progressing to a renewable future
Oct 1, 2018
Progress continues toward QICGRE's portfolio objective of ensuring our core retail assets generate 30% of their base load electricity from renewable energy by 2025.

Phase 1 of the portfolio roll-out has been approved, with Photovoltaic (PV) Solar systems to be installed at:

  • Hyperdome Shopping Centre, Logan QLD (system sizing)
  • Grand Central Shopping Centre, Toowoomba QLD
  • Watergardens Town Centre, Melbourne QLD
Preparation and early works for the installation process has commenced, with the systems expected to be fully installed and operational within the coming year.

This PV Solar commitment reflects QICGRE's over-arching objectives of striving for information and demonstrating social and community leadership. PV Solar systems ensure ongoing energy supply to our retail partners and common shared systems is both secure and affordable, insulated from an increasingly volatile energy pricing market.

Regulatory requirements and energy savings will also be met, ensuring best practice in environmentally sustainable investment.

ESG 2018