Our community
Sep 28, 2018
We respect the fundamental rights of all people to live and work in environments that foster ingenuity, accord and vitality.


  • Our Environmental, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) and Corporate Social Investment (CSI) strategies guide the way we engage with our communities
  • We regularly foster dialogue with our communities throughout the lifecycle of our operations
  • We engage our community to deliver major partnership programs based on their needs.
Placemaking for our Local Communities

Central to our strategy of reinventing retail environments is the concept of ‘placemaking’. We interpret this concept by designing  and operating places as unique as the people from our communities who frequent them by de-segregating retail, dining, culture, wellness and entertainment.

The core objective of this strategy is to create places that evoke a town centre feel and encourage meaningful experiences that meet diverse needs, both now and in the years to come.

We are extending our thinking in place creation to consider our assets more as multi-purpose destinations that serve the whole of life needs (health and wellbeing betterment, learning and education, entertainment and leisure) of the communities in which we operate.  This approach will manifest itself in different ways because for our assets to remain compelling and engaging they must be reflective of the unique values, attitudes and aspirations of our communities.

Engaging with our Stakeholders

For QICGRE, much of our work centres on relationships. Fostering positive, working associations with those who influence or are influenced by the development and operation of our assets is critical to our success.

We approach the way we engage with our stakeholders by seeking to view the work we do through their lens and understanding their needs and priorities throughout the lifecycle of our assets.

We undertake a thorough process of identifying and mapping stakeholders via a range of internal forums, which include a cross-section of personnel from within our business. These personnel may include (but are not limited to) senior management, fund managers, asset investment managers and analysts, centre management staff, stakeholder relations officers, marketing teams, and construction and operational contactors.


We engage with a wide range of stakeholder groups:

Supply Chain, Human Rights and Labour Practices

We require ongoing compliance with all laws and legal requirements relating to bribery, corruption, money laundering, fraud or similar activities. This includes our retail and business partners.

Modern Slavery

We support the introduction of the Modern Slavery Bill in Australia and are working through the requirements to ensure we are compliant.

We fully support all efforts to eradicate modern slavery in all its forms and ensure our suppliers also understand any potential risks that may exist within their own businesses.

ESG 2018