Support from Castle Towers is helping 'The Sanctuary' change lives
Oct 1, 2018
QICGRE has renewed its support of Women’s Community Shelters (WCS) for the organisation's ambitious crisis accommodation project, The Sanctuary in Sydney's Castle Hill – providing WSC with another three-year lease on a fully refurbished six-bedroom home at no rental charge.

The Sanctuary provides crisis accommodation, for up to three months at a time, for women and their children who are escaping homelessness and/or domestic violence.

Offering a client centred approach to collaborative case management, a specialist team of case workers, led by the shelter manager, work around the clock and hand-in-hand with their clients to support, advocate for, and help them access all that they might need to live safe lives free from fear.

In its second year of operation, The Sanctuary changed another 101 lives (39 women and 62 children), with the total number of women and children helped since opening reaching 248.

As one of the few shelters in NSW that can provide for women with a disability and women with larger families, The Sanctuary provides a safe haven for women and children regardless of needs.

The valuable work the Sanctuary does is proven by its enormous success. In a sector where five-out-of-10 women who take refuge in government funded shelters will return to the cycle of violence – so far, at The Sanctuary, 98% of the 248 people who have taken refuge have transitioned safely on to new independent and safe lives.

In addition, since opening their doors, The Sanctuary has:

  • Added 9,581 “bed nights” into the sector – meaning that on 9,581 occasions a mother and her children slept safely in beds at The Sanctuary
  • Served over 30,000 meals
  • Fielded over 6,890 calls (an average of about 8 per day) including self-referrals as well as calls from referral agencies including the FACS DV Hotline, Link to Home, Mission Australia, Red Cross, FACS Housing, Wesley Mission, Westmead Hospital, Castle Hill Police Station and many more referral partners.
  • Over 1000 successful referrals have been made to agencies in the last two years, helping support women of The Sanctuary with employment, training, income streams, health care and cultural and linguistic services.
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