Achieving sustainability goals through technology
Oct 1, 2018
A major retail asset portfolio redesign of QICGRE's property operations, using advanced automation technology, is delivering real time information that materially enhances operational efficiency and sets a new standard in best practice asset management.
CIM Enviro - Dashboard
CIM Enviro - Dashboard

QICGRE has recently partnered with leading Australian technology company CIM Enviro to manage energy optimisation across its major shopping centre portfolio, using a data-driven approach which collates information from sensors across every piece of equipment in the Centre.

An initial trial at QICGRE's Robina Town Centre in Queensland, prior to the system being rolled out nationally, generated compelling results - including a 17% reduction in energy consumption.

Through the application of rule-based analytics, this advanced platform delivers on five key operational and sustainability goals:

  • Centralised operational management through a data-driven operating model redesign
  • Achievement of cost savings through 'real time' fault identification and root cause analysis to minimise energy wastage, streamline rectification of issues and improve life cycle of equipment
  • Upskilling of on-site teams, including 3rd party contractors, to reduce maintenance spend and improve contractor performance
  • Provision of a safe and comfortable environment for those working in and visiting our Centres
  • Significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions through an enhanced and efficient approach to operational performance and maintenance.

The four-month trial undertaken at Robina Town Centre delivered initiatives including:

  • Streamlined and maximised productivity of contractor maintenance activity around the site through independent oversight, removing the need for investigative costs and unnecessary equipment inspections
  • Real-time identification of 192 faults across the Centre, including essential plant and equipment such as fan coil units, air handling units and chillers. This included the identification of a significant tenant issue before it was logged, allowing for early intervention
  • Instant root cause diagnostics, cost impact calculations, fault prioritisation and tracking
  • Reduction in overall energy consumption for the Centre to the lowest rate in four years.

CIM Enviro CEO, David Walsh, said the partnership with QICGRE will drive significant improvements in operational efficiency and establish a new level of sustainable practice in large public buildings.

"Shopping Centres are extremely vast and complex operating environments, with an enormous number of systems, processes and equipment working together to ensure the safety and comfort of those within its bounds," Mr Walsh said.

"For instance, Robina Town Centre has 780 pieces of equipment, which require regular and sustained monitoring and maintenance to optimise efficiency.

"By working with some of Australia's best mechanical engineers and information technologists, we've created a platform with the capability to deliver the multifaceted monitoring and analytics required to centralise and maximise the performance of these systems, providing a new benchmark in operational and sustainability practices.

"Given the scope of QICGRE's Australian portfolio and the material benefits our technology can produce, we are very excited to be partnering with QICGRE in reducing their carbon footprint, reducing costs and ultimately delivering on their sustainability goals."

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