Improving Waste Signage
Oct 1, 2017
As part of our commitment to achieve a 20 per cent reduction in our energy, water and waste consumption by 2020, we currently have a range of projects underway, including implementing standardised waste signage across all shopping centres.

Designed for back-of-house use, but also suitable for public use in food courts and malls, the new signage applies several key features:

  • simple headings and spellings (particularly for organic and comingled)
  • extensive use of symbols
  • consistent colours
  • minimal augmented word description
  • centre-specific logos.

One of the first sites to implement the new waste signage was Noosa Civic Shopping Centre in Queensland, which is already reporting improvements in recycling and a reduction in rubbish, as well as positive feedback from tenants on the initiative.

Corporate and shopping centre staff are also doing their part, with the introduction of corflute bins incorporating the new standardised signage. Alongside the removal of individual desk bins, this initiative is providing improvements in waste and recycling, particularly for paper and organic separation.

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