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Our environmental and social responsibility

With 25 years’ experience managing and developing a large portfolio of retail and commercial assets, QIC Global Real Estate (GRE) is acutely aware of the role our assets play in enhancing our communities, customers, retail partners and small businesses.

We respect the fundamental rights of all people to live and work in environments that foster ingenuity, accord and vitality. We undertake careful consideration and continuous revision of our ESG priorities under the framework of our ESG Strategy and Minimum Standards, and Environmental Management System (EMS).

Eastland Town Square
Eastland’s Town Square — a vibrant and sustainable space for the community
This commitment in action is demonstrated in the following ways:
  • Developing Waste Management Plans for each of our assets and engaging our retail partners and contractors in the delivery of these plans
  • Establishing and implementing ESG standards in water, energy and GHG emissions across our projects and assets. We are committed to achieving our goal of a 20% reduction in energy, water, waste and greenhouse gas consumption per m2 by 2020.
  • Engaging our communities and retail partners in programs that create enduring ‘social impact’ value for the regions in which we operate.
We have developed the following focus categories to deliver the best whole of life outcomes:
Built & Natural Ecology
Objective: To promote healthy, vibrant internal and external environments within our properties and their surrounds
Social Impact
Objective: Promote improved social outcomes within the community through investment and engagement.
Objective: Deliver optimised and efficient uses of energy, water, waste and materials.
Greenhouse Gas
Objective: Ensure GRE understands and minimises its carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions
Objective: Integrate properties with local travel networks and promote alternative travel methods to conventional private vehicles.
Objective: Stop negative impacts on properties associated with climate change by ensuring properties have adapted or are ready to adapt
Objective: To enhance human health and wellbeing through healthy buildings, promote and support a healthy lifestyle for the occupants.
Green Building Policies
Objective: To ensure that the project encompasses Green Building policies that integrate sustainable building initiatives in the construction (and operation) of the building.