Per-Anders Jorgensen
Food, Culture, Wellbeing | Jan 04, 2018

Per-Anders Jörgensen

Photographing family meals in some the world's most creative kitchens

Founder of acclaimed gastronomic magazine Fool, Swedish photographer Per-Anders Jörgensen is known for his raw and unpredictable documentary approach to food photography. The images from his book Eating with the Chefs — family meals from the world’s most creative restaurants, do more than just display the technical skill of the world’s culinary masters — they swing open the galley doors to reveal insights into the humanity and fellowship that bonds the professional kitchen.

As modern gastronomy becomes a conduit for the expression of culture, the notion of ‘place’ for these chefs goes well beyond a beautifully furnished dining room or a seat at a table. It’s more than provenance and locally grown produce. It’s the camaraderie of the kitchen brigade, the shared 5pm staff dinners, and the creative alchemy that results from a team of passionate, focused minds working in collaboration.

Featuring chefs discovering and sharing the most genuine representations of their regions in both Australia and the United States, the following visual essay is a portal into the places and spaces of those brave enough to explore new frontiers.

Chez Panisse — taking a break from cooking, the chefs eat outside
Chez Panisse — staff carrying in produce
Attica — a meat dish served in the empty dining room
Roberta’s — leftovers clearly labelled
French Laundry — a late night meeting held after service to plan the next day’s menu
French Laundry — in a patriotic gesture, the American flag is raised every morning at dawn
Chez Panisse — squab torte
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