Thriving community at Eastland

Our vision

We connect people with brands and experiences through our diverse retail and commercial properties in Australia and the United States.

Working with the world’s leading designers and architects, as well as local civic and cultural partners, we’re reimaging the places where we live, work and play; places that grow and adapt with the communities in which they operate; and places where people choose to be.

Across circa 50 retail and commercial properties in Australia and the United States, we apply innovative ideas and the latest technology to pioneer original experiences for our customers and to fulfil the instinctual human desire for space to gather together.

At the heart of our strategy is the need to design spaces as unique as the people who frequent them. Environments that desegregate retail, dining, culture, wellness and entertainment in response to how people want to live today. 

Though it’s challenging to predict, we’re focussed on our shared future.

It’s why we invest responsibly and build sustainably. By designing and developing thriving communities we return the trust placed in us. It’s the underpinning belief in everything we do, and the way we deliver something of real benefit for all.

Eastland’s moonlight market
Eastland’s moonlight market; A space for the community to come together
"Together we’re reimagining the places where we live, work and play."


Who we are?

QICGRE is the real estate division of QIC.

We began in 1991, when the Queensland State Government formed QIC to serve its long-term investment responsibilities.

QIC now has more than 90 global institutional investors who place their funds and their trust in us.

It’s our job to make a significant contribution to QIC’s investment strategy by designing, creating and managing a diverse, mixed-use property portfolio. 

Worldwide, we own circa50 retail and commercial properties representing an investment value of AUD18.9 billion.  But that’s just the bricks and mortar description of what we do.  What drives us is something much deeper – we believe in building and investing in a future where our communities and our partners can thrive.